Goddess by Laura Powell

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC ISBN: 9781408815267 Published: 10/4/2014

In a world where England never converted fully to Christianity and instead took on the worship of the Greek gods and godesses, Aura is about to become a high priestess for the cult of Artemis. Separated and sheltered from society, the world she lives in revolves entirely around the goddess. When Aura starts to have visions though, the worlds of politics and religion begin to collide and everything Aura thought she knew is tumbled onto it’s head. Can her faith in the goddess carry her through, or has the goddess forsaken her entirely?

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The Phoenix Comic Competition

So excited! I just found this out over at Girls Heart Books – Phoenix Comic (who produce some FANTASTIC comics aimed at younger readers with some truly brilliant writers and illustrators) have teamed up with the Summer Reading Challenge and they are having an end-of-spring comic contest for anyone aged 12 and under!

If only I were twelve again rather than mid twenties…. well, that and posess the ability to draw more than the odd scruffy owl.

Even if like me you are well over the age of 12, The Phoenix Comic is well worth checking out. I’ve recently started really diving into the world of comics for children (expect a new tab up there soon) and Phoenix have stood out as one of the true forerunners of what’s readily available here in the UK. If ever I get the chance to live my dream of being a children’s librarian, you can bet I’d be pushing to get a subscription to them.

The War Within These Walls by Aline Sax, ill. by Caryl Strzelecki

Publisher: William B Eerdmans Publishing Company ISBN: 9780802854285 Published: 25/11/2013

It’s World War 2 and Misha’s family, like all the other Jews in Warsaw, has been forced to live in an overcrowded ghetto with apalling conditions. As the War goes on, more and more people arrive and disease and starvation start to set in. Then the deportations start. Desperate to help his family, Misha does his best to survive but when conditions get worse in the ghetto he joins a handful of other Jews who are determined to get word out to the world and together make one, last, desperate stand against the Nazis.

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Cupcake Cousins by Kate Hannigan and Brooke Boynton Hughes

A US publication for a wee change…

Publisher: Disney Publishing Worldwide ISBN: 9781423178309 Published: 19/6/2014

It’s Aunt Rose’s wedding and cousins Delia and Willow can’t wait for their families to all get together on their traditional yearly holiday for a dual celebration! They could do without the horrible, frothy pink dresses their aunt has picked out for their bridesmaids dresses though and would much rather be responsible for making the cakes and treats at the reception. How can they convince their aunt that they’re better off in the kitchen than walking down the aisle?

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Rhinos Don’t Eat Pancakes by Anna Kemp, ill. Sara Ogilvie

So, a brief (unplanned) hiatus and I’ve finally had a chance to review one of my favourites:

Publisher: Simon and Schuster Children’s Books ISBN: 9781847388780 Published: 28/4/2011

Daisy is often ignored by her parents, who are usually a million miles away reading the paper or doing the washing. So, she gives up trying to get their attention, especially when they ignore her when she mentions the little matter of a big purple rhino living in their home. Instead, she makes friends with it and it’s only when the pancakes are gone that her parents realise that the big purple rhino is real after all!

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Ways To See A Ghost by Emily Diamand

Publisher: Templar Publishing
ISBN: 9781848775541
Published: 1/7/2013

Isis has a secret: she can see ghosts. This is particularly disturbing for her because her mother Cally, a clairvoyant, blatantly can’t, especially as her younger daughter Angel (who died in a car accident) keeps appearing and Isis alone can see her. Still, Isis and Cally live fairly happily until Cally meets Gil, a UFO divorcee with a sceptical son called Gray. When her mother gets an invitation to join an elite psychic society run by the charismatic and famous psychic Phil Syndal, Isis finds out there’s a distinctly sinister bent to the invitation and she and Gray must try to find a way to stop Phil’s plans before the danger threatens them all.

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Knightley & Son by Rohan Gavin

Publisher: Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN: 9781408838914
Published: 2/1/2014

Alan Knightley (former private investigator of the sort of myterious cases that the Metropolitan Police don’t want to touch) has been asleep for four years. His son, Darkus Knightley, has sat by his side and kept him company ever since. When he goes home though, he studies his dad’s old notes on past cases, trying to work out what it was his dad was working on when he just fell asleep. When Alan wakes up unexpectedly though, Darkus soon finds himself flung right into the middle of his dad’s last and most intricate case, the one headed by the mysterious and devious Combination.

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