Rachel has Eczema by Jenny Leigh (Dr Spot’s Casebooks series)

This one is rather dear to my heart oddly enough.

Publisher: Red Kite Books ISBN: 9781905339877 Published: 26/9/2013

When the Rhino family move in next door Franklin Frog is bit puzzled by the youngest Rhino, Rachel. Her skin is very sore looking and she itches all the time. She’s not allowed to do a lot of things with him and her brother because her skin is so poorly. Luckily, Mrs Frog tells Mrs Rhino all about Doctor Spot, who diagnoses Rachel with a bad case of eczema.

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Little Girls Are Better at Designing Superhero Costumes… oh yeah!

Hee hee, just come across this amazing tumblr Little Girls are Better at Designing Superheroes Than You. The idea is that little girls pose in their own put-together superhero (or villain) costumes and then an artist draws them. Some of them are quite brilliant, my favourite being Dr Chlorine:

Eep. Yikes!

Amongst the online arguments, rabbles and occasional free-for-alls that are the debate about how women are portrayed in graphic novels, I’ve got to say this ranks up there with The Hawkeye Initiative as one of my favourite argument-deflaters for anyone arguing for less costume, more cleavage and argue that ‘it’s not really sexual, just cool’ :) These little girls have got their heads screwed on right – although I’m watching out for Dr Chlorine…

The Mystery of the Man with the Black Beard by Gillian Cross

First question – is that children’s authorian legend Philip Ardagh on the front cover?

Publisher: Barrington Stoke ISBN: 9781781123591 Published: 4/3/2014 RA 8, IA 8-12

With her dad working as a private investigator, Annie is used to random strangers turning up at equally random hours of the day and night. However after a whole bunch turn up one after another one day, Annie is left with a mystery of her own – her dad has disappeared! This is no ordinary mystery though. Her dad hasn’t just gone out to work on a case and Annie is soon enlisting the help of her two best friends Matt and Ruth to help her track down her missing parent…

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Over the Line by Tom Palmer

With all the current build up towards commemorating World War One, it seems only fitting I review this book. Tom Palmer is mostly known for his books about football and while I applaud his efforts in using football to get boys to read (and it is mostly boys), this is probably why I’ve never really read his books before, not being a football fan myself. However, this is so much more than just a book about football, and it’s actually more than just a book about World War One too I think.

Publisher: Barrington Stoke ISBN: 9781781123935 Published: 4/3/2014 RA 8, IA 10+

It’s 1914 and Jack only really wants to be a professional footballer. But then war breaks out in Europe and despite it’s seeming so far away the pressure mounts, and Jack finds himself signing his name and volunteering to join the army. Whisked away to help fight on the frontlines, Jack soon finds that the realities of war are very different to the stories at home and Jack is thrown into a nightmare he’ll be lucky to survive.

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Dead Ends by Erin Lange

A new favourite YA author of mine who I really think should be getting just as much attention as the John Green’s and Rainbow Rowell’s of this world.

Publisher: Faber Children’s Books ISBN: 9780571308293 Published: 3/7/2014

Dane and Billy couldn’t be more different. Dane’s a smart kid but with an attitude problem and a tendancy to hit out when he thinks someone’s looking down on him. Billy’s the kid with Downs syndrome who always carries an atlas and likes to hang out with the teachers at lunchtime. After Dane’s latest altercation though the two boys are thrown together and realise they have more in common than they thought – both their fathers are missing. Before he knows it, Dane’s helping Billy look for his dad and soon it’s just an atlas and a bunch of obscure riddles standing between the two boys and an emotional secret.

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The Haunting of Uncle Ron by Anne Fine

I’ve got to admit to having mixed feelings on this one…

Publisher: Barrington Stoke ISBN: 9781781122853 Published: 4/2/2014 RA 7 IA 8-12

Ian dreads Uncle Ron coming to visit – his uncle means well but he never seems to want to leave! He eats them all out of house and home and worst of all, he spends a lot of his time talking to ghosts! It sounds cooler than it is, nothing the ghosts say is ever interesting, it’s usually just about what’s got stuck behind the fridge. So, Ian decides to come up with a plan to get rid of his pesky uncle once and for all…

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Young Werewolf by Cornelia Funke

Publisher: Barrington Stoke ISBN: 9781781122686 Published: 11/10/2013 RA 8+ IA 9+

When Matt gets bitten by a yellow-eyed beastie on the way home from the cinema, he soon finds out he’s been infected with a werewolf curse! As his body starts to change it gets more and more difficult to hide his yellow eyes, hairy hands, growly voice and sudden craving for raw meat. Can he and best friend Lisa undo the curse before it’s too late and Matt wolfs out completely?

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