Dinosaur Dig! by Penny Dale

Yay! A Dino Picturebook to review – absolutely crackin’!

Publisher: Nosy Crow Ltd
ISBN: 9780857630995
Published: 2/2/2012

The ultimate picturebook for little boys! Dinosaurs! And Diggers! Together! In one picturebook! So many exclamation marks!
Ten dinos are building something, with each dinosaur doing a different part of the construction on each page. You can count up the dinosaurs too, and the dinos themselves are all different so budding palaeontologists will be satisfied at seeing a stegosaurus as well as the usual tyrannosaurus rex. Digger fans will love the different construction trucks as well – I’m sure half of them I was not entirely sure I’d seen before, not being the connoisseur of construction that I know many little boys are, but they looked big enough and trucky enough that I know they’d appeal!
The text itself is very rhythmic – so fans of rhyming picturebooks will find something here to add to the bookshelf – and the pictures are very detailed. No round, fat, cartoon dinos here, Dale did some research clearly and it results in some very attractive, almost pencilled, illustrations. The words are very onomatopoeic too (finally I find a use for that word!), with lots of ‘crash!’ and  ‘clatter!’ words for Mum or Dad to add sound effects to when reading. I’m looking forward to working this into a Storytime session one time with a full host of props to make all the sounds.
I really liked this one – very cute, neat and as well as satisfying truck or diplodocus fans, it also includes the counting for Mum or Dad. A nice addition to any picturebook shelf.
For more information, you can find links to other reviews, sneaky peeks and the author’s website on the Nosy Crow webpage Follow Me to Nosy Crow

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