WOW! said the Owl by Tim Hopgood

My apologies for the late post – bad Uhu. I have been doing Important Blogging Stuff though, so does that count?

Well, either way, I have a new review! This time it’s a boardbook, so aimed at the very wee, and as it’s about an owl, I couldn’t really let it pass me by…

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books ISBN: 9780230757417 Published: 7/6/2012

Ever so sweet this little boardbook – basically a baby owl gives in to curiosity and stays up all night to go exploring by day . Imagine his surprise when he spots all these different things that just make him go ‘WOW!’. Each one is a different colour and the colours go right around the whole rainbow.
I’ve reallystarted to like this author and illustrator ever since I saw his picturebook  Unpoppable a while ago. Like Unpoppablethe pictures are gorgeous – they remind me a little of Eric Carle’s – and I love all the different objects the owl spots, there’s some really nice choices. I especially like the little owl staying up to see the day though – who hasn’t been curious enough to try to stay up late when they’re supposed to be asleep? Perfect book for story time, this one will have to go into the collection I think!

Also, just spotted it’s available as a picturebook too – dandy!


What do you think?

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