The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis

Got some bits and pieces in the works, something non-reviewy and more bookish. A couple of publishers have prompted me to do some research so I’ve got to get that together – in the meantime, have a cute little Bog Baby 🙂
Publisher: Puffin Books, image above used with their permission
ISBN: 9780141500300
Published: 1/5/2008
Two little girls go out to a pond looking for the usual – frogs, newts and other slimy froggy-things that you would normally find in ponds. What they discover though, is a bog baby! A wee little bog baby, with a small, round blue body, stubby little dragon wings and a habit of sucking on his webbed toes! They decide to care for him at home but as time goes on, the bog baby becomes more and more unhappy until the two girls’ mother tells them that if they love the bog baby, they have to do what’s best for him and let him go back home, even if it hurts them.
Beautiful little story with happy endings all round – the illustrations are gorgeous and very soft, matching the nature of the bog baby very neatly. This edition has the bonus of coming with a bit of an activity at the back, where you can fill in all the information about your own bog baby and I could see this easily being used in a Foundation or Year 1 classroom.  There’s no rhyme, but to be honest, it doesn’t need it – this is a very soft story with a great moral behind it that doesn’t need rhyme to make it stick in a child’s head.  Guaranteed to raise a gloomy mood, I’m smiling as I write this.

What do you think?

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