My childhood just revived!

Apologies for the delay – Real Life hit me with the Reality Stick again and let me know in no uncertain terms that ‘yes, you WILL be going to bed before 2 in the morning BooKa!’, hence why there are no reviews. It did however give me a spare few minutes to both find and show you… a link.

Not all publishers will readily grant permission to let me use images of their books without allowing them to check first, so at the moment I only a lot of capital letters to show for it, but this was too important to wait for!

How  excited am I?! I grew up with his classic ‘The Jolly Postman’ and in fact I STILL have my copy of it lurking on my shelves. Oddly enough, for a book given to someone very young it remains remarkably undamaged. That’s how special it was, no rough under-5’s treatment there, nope. From what I’ve been able to take a sneaky peek at, it looks like it’s the Tale of Goldilocks, but with a twist. It’s not always the same story. One story if the Goldilocks we all know and love (and secretly feel very unsympathetic to!), but in the next she’s got 33 bears to contend with. Then the bears are replaced by aliens. And then it’s the furniture’s turn…
The illustrations are courtesy of Mr Ahlberg’s daughter Jessica, and they are, as you would expect, rather lovely. There’s even a special story-in-a-story pull out, a la Jolly Postman! 
I do not care if I’m in my twenties, I WILL BE BUYING THIS. I have such fond memories of the Jolly Postman, Happy Families et al as staples in my learning to read and enjoy reading that I cannot pass this book up.
So forget looking at my overly CapsLocked post, go take a peek at Jessica’s gorgeous pictures and investigate Mr Ahlberg’s latest work here

What do you think?

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