Can You See Sassoon? by Sam Usher

Lordy I love this one! Been looking forward to reviewing this!

Publisher: Little Tiger Press
ISBN: 9781848950887
Published: 4/6/2012
Can you see Sassoon? Now where has that naughty stripy snake gone? Basically, it’s like Where’s Wally, but for little children and using a snake.  I’m rather fond of this one, and not just because I can spot Sassoon, whereas in my past life as a trainee teacher I had the embarrassment of being unable to find anything in Where’s Wally.
Sassoon is hiding in a new spot on each page and the little bit of rhyme there asks if you can see him. The pictures are lovely and clear, not too busy, while still hiding that elusive snake nicely. Kids will love to spend a good few minutes trying to spot Sassoon as he curls and knots himself round the pages and parents will love the visual jokes – on an ocean page, one boat full of sailor meerkats is happily called ‘the Meermaid’ while on another page full of presents, one is suspiciously elephant-shaped.
Even better, the book has a large flap at the end of it and the flap is sturdy enough that grabby hands won’t do too much damage to it in my opinion. I love when flaps are sturdy enough for the younger siblings to play with too, it makes for a good family read I think.
Not one for bedtime perhaps as I can just imagine the howls if someone has to go to bed before they’ve found Sassoon, but certainly one to keep in stock for a daytime story time or for a rainy day. Good fun for children and parents alike!


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