Cool Jewels: Optical Illusions

Courtesy of a cool sheet of lenticular plastic on the front of this book, this is one of the most eye-catching shelf-dwellers you’ll find in bookshops this Christmas.

Publishers: Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 9781405391412
Published: 3/9/2012

 Hugely popular, this book contains about 50 odd optical illusions in it’s packed pages, with some of the more famous ones (like the spinning purple and green circles) nestled in amongst more unusual ones (I still have to really concentrate to see the pillars one). Especially cool though is that it explains how they all work too, which is a nice touch. I mean, why is it that when I look at certain stripy circles, they appear to ripple regardless of the Laws of Physics? How does that work exactly and why do my eyes get so fooled into believing a flat piece of paper is about to swirl it’s way across the table?

I wish I could take a picture of one of the pages because they are AWESOME – so packed and so busy you don’t know where on Earth to start almost. Until your eyes light on one of the illusions and you spend the next five minutes trying to work out just why you can see a rabbit and an old woman at the same time when quite clearly neither is really entirely there.
Complete with decoder, this is a brilliant book that’ll keep you entertained for HOURS. I must warn you though, that if given as a present it MUST be tested out first. Just to see if it’s suitable of course, just to test it, see if the illusions work properly, that’s all. Definately not to play with it…. *shifty eyes*

Un-confuse your head and eyes and aim in the general direction of here to find it


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