My Big Book of Ghosts by Kate Daubney and Maggie Bateson – a video review!

Hi Anyone Who Happens To Be Watching This Blog!

My apologies for not reviewing anything recently – it’s been a rough one this week and to be honest, nothing I was writing was coming out quite as I wanted and just wasn’t right for posting. Until this book showed up, and suddenly all the little annoying niggles and grumps and whinges I had just went away. I’m hoping this video will show you why…

Publisher: Campbell Books
ISBN: 9780230757356
Published: 11/10/2012

Pants, this now appears to be out of print – first off, HOW?! This is amazing! Second off, I’m guessing it’s worth looking round online marketplaces for it, such as on Amazon or Waterstone’s, or asking around in independant bookshops near you. Either that or check out Haye on Wye bookshops and their websites. It’s a town that specialises (and I mean specialises) in second hand books and they are most certainly worth checking out even if they don’t have this book. There are some rare and mighty treasures to be found in that little town…


What do you think?

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