It’s been a pants few days Anyone Who Happens To Be Reading This. Last night my house was burgled and although I’ve got off lightly, my sister hasn’t. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know exactly what was stolen, a silver plated Euphonium, Besson Sovereign 4 valve, serial number 8506825. If you happen to know anyone in brass player circles – please PLEASE pass this information on, we really want to get this back as it has enormous sentimental value. If you know anything or anyone to try, please leave a comment on here or find me on Twitter, I’d really appreciate it.

Anyway, I’ve been busy trying to sort out post-burglary aftermath, so that’s why there’s no review. However, one piece of bookish news that did make me smile though – World Book Day apps are coming soon for YA fiction! Here’s hoping they provide apps that aren’t just for Apple users, but for us weird rebellious Android-y people too 🙂

Nifty what you can find on the WBD website in the Press and Media section, isn’t it?

Check out the website here – looks like some great choices there! Follow WBD on Twitter for more updates, I know I am @WorldBookDayUK


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