Blue Chameleon by Emily Gravett

A beautiful picturebook artist to mark my first review of 2013!

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books
ISBN: 9780330518758
Published: 1/4/2011

Poor Chameleon! All he wants is a friend, but he can’t seem to find one. He does find a stripy sock though, and a green cricket, and even a yellow banana, but no matter how he mimics them, not a one of them will be his friend. That is until he meets another chameleon, and it doesn’t matter what colour they are, colour-changing rainbow-shaded chameleons can definately be best friends! 
Absolutely gorgeous (as ever) from Gravett, the illustrations are lovely soft pencil drawings, and I’m especially fond of the ways the chameleon curls himself into positions to mimic whatever object or creature he’s found. Fantastic for little ones to learn the colours, the story is rather short and might leave slightly older children clamouring for more. It’s not an ideal bedtime story but as far as I’m concerned though, Gravett can do no wrong. No she can’t. No, she reallycan’t. And neither can her chameleon.
Find the Blue Chameleon here


  • An excellent book choice for your first review of 2013. A great review, too!. I liked the simplicity of this book – both in the photos and in the words.The illustrations are cute, and I could see how this would be a useful book for teaching very young children their colors. Might have even been a terrific board book since it really is suited best for very very young children.Jeff RiveraBestselling Author"UM … MOMMY I THINK I FLUSHED MY BROTHER DOWN THE TOILET"

  • @ Jeff – Thanks! Glad you liked it. You're right, it would work nicely as a board book too – have you seen her other book Orange Pear Apple Bear? I swear if that's not an official modern classic, it should be! Gravett's trademark seems to be sweet and simple – why get technical when you get a story across so neatly? One of my favs.Thansk again for your comment – I tried to find you on Twitter, but hopefully you'll find this here instead 🙂

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