Dinosaur Cove by Rex Stone

Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780192720924
Published: 3/3/2008

The premise for this series is simple. Two boys go exploring along the Prehistoric coast of Somerset and discover a cave. Armed with nothing more than a backpack and their own knowledge of dinosaurs, they find themselves travelling back in time courtesy of the cave to the time of the dinosaurs. A friendly Wannanosaurus  promptly tags along after them as they explore this strange new world. However, this is a land full of big scaly beasties with sharp and shiny teeth-ies, so it’s not long before they’re caught up in a mad dash for their lives after they encounter the King of the Dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Because you just can’t start a dinosaur series without featuring that big brute, naturally! Will they escape unharmed? Or is the T-Rex about to get a really futuristic snack?

The first in a (very large) series, this a good start to an entertaining set. The books benefit from having a  large amount of information at the start of each book all about the dinosaurs and where and how they lived, so they’re perfect for any non-fiction readers who need a little encouragement to get into a story. It also helps set the scene for whatever happens inside the book too. The text is nice and clear, with some neat line drawings thrown in too to help break up the pages. The one criticism I have is that the text is a little bitty with some occasionally odd chaptering, so it’s one that could well be aimed more at younger readers (although some of the dinosaurs names would probably be easier to read aftera few years practice reading). However, if you’re looking to entice non-fiction or dinosaur fans into the world of fiction, park this in their hands; it’ll do the job beautifully.


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