Liebster Nomination, a lovely lady, and my favourite blogs!

So, I had a surprise the other day! First, I found out someone is actually reading my blog (I know, I was surprised too) and second, they liked it enough to nominate me for a Liebster award! The person in question is the very lovely and newly acquainted with me Walks Quite Fast and their blog is here – check out the snowy photos, makes me a wee bit jealous that my snow’s all turned to mush.

Now, for anyone who doesn’t know (which included me two days ago), the Liebster awards is a bit of an Internet round robin. Basically, when you’re chosen for an award, you answer a few questions, puff yourself up with pride, and then you pass the love on (Liebster coming from the German lieben, to love) and nominate your own favourite bloggers for a Liebster. You set your own set of questions, ask your Liebster nominees to answer and watch them spread the love on to their own blogging favourites.

All very nice and friendly, basically a nice way to show appreciation. However, since I’m still pretty new to blogging, I don’t feel like I know any bloggers well enough to ask them to answer a series of questions for me. I’m just shy like that. So, with Walks Quite Fast’s agreement, I’ve instead decided to answer the questions they set me and recommend a few of my favourite blogs instead on here and on Walks Quite Fast’s blog.

So – the questions!

1.   Why blog?

Why not? No seriously, I don’t get enough time in my job to recommend books as much as I’d like and I also don’t get to recommend all those books I really think should be getting more recognised than they are. So, I decided to blog about them and kill two birds with one stone.

2. What are you currently reading?
Shiverton Hall by Emerald Fennell. Really quite creepy in places but very engrossing. I started reading it on the back of a review by Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books (keep an eye out, their blog is easily one my favs)

3. Would it bother you if you never travelled by air again?
Yes, because then I’d have to spend a whole lot more time trying to read comfortably in a car, whereas I can usually read relatively easily in a plane. That, and I love the take off! I absolutely LOVE it when you feel the plane get into position, really fire up it’s engines with a sudden burst of whirring, whistling noise. Then it slams down the runway before it’s nose leaves the ground and you’re plowing upwards against gravity, almost pushed back into your seat and with your ears popping, and watching the city just flow away beneath you. Just LOVE it. I would happily take off all day.

4. What do you understand by the word politics?
That it’s best left to people who take pleasure in sidestepping each other, often forgets who exactly it is meant to serve, and that Yes Minster is a brilliant piece of comedy for being able to get even me to understand a small part of that bizarre world.

5. If you could become really expert at a craft (or, if you are, expert at a new one) what would it be?
I really want to take up swordfighting. I mean proper swordfighting, not fencing, something where the side of the sword is the bit you’re hitting with, not the very tip. I get the impression that the most economical and social way to do this is through a re-enactment society, but, being a girl, I’ve got a horrible feeling I’ll end up having to stay in period character and end up on the sidelines making bread and wearing a dress. Surely there must be some re-enactments that put gender differences historically to one side?

6. Similarly, if you had the chance to become fluent in another language which would you choose?
German. Easy. If you know a little about my blogging name, you’ll see the link (although looking at my blog statistics, I’ve got a horrible feeling ‘BooKa Uhu’ also means something rude in Russian.). So, German, or Welsh. I have been trying to teach myself Welsh and what a fun language it is! Both harsh and soft and with vowels that can’t quite make up their mind how they’re going to sound in this word from one moment to the next – brilliant fun! Utterly impossible, but so satisfying when you realise you can readthat word!

7. Someone says they used to read but they no longer have time: how do you respond?
Audiobooks. That is all. Or read the short Quickreads £2.99 jobbies that come out every so often, or Barrington Stoke has got some great YA titles going that just so happen to be shorter reads too.

8. What was the last film you saw and what did you think?
The Hobbit – Obviously lovingly made, and Sylvester McCoy is clearly having too much fun, but I really am getting sick of the elves. Yes, we’re all powerful beings, capable of telepathy, fearsome fighting skills and truly beautiful craftsmanship – but no, we’re not going to help you because dammit, you’re just not elves! You’re far too dirty and rough as men and dwarves for us to get involved! Very VERY annoying, it makes me wonder why on Earth they were so important to Middle Earth in the first place, if they’re so reluctant to help anyone else living in it. That said, I really like The Hobbit book and film and one day, ONE DAY, I shall read the Lord of the Rings all the way through and not get distracted by something shiny! (Quite literally – Google Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce and you’ll see what I mean)
9. If you suddenly lost everything you own (stuff, not people or animals but including photos,mementoes and souvenirs)how big a trauma would it be?
Massive. It’s interesting – I recently got burgled and when I was told, I discovered that my laptop and jewellery were not the first things on my mind to check on. No, contrary to my previous belief,  it was my French horn, my beloved Hamish. If I lost him, I really couldn’t replace him. Yes, I’d get a new horn, but it wouldn’t be a Hamish. It’d be like grieving a relative, he’s been such a big part of my growing up and has been involved in some of the biggest events of my life so far. And if you’re reading this Thieves, I truly hope Karma visits you some day.
10. Have you ever said yes when you should have said no and/or no when you should have said yes and were the consequences dire or did it all turn out alright in the end? (No need for embarrassing details!) 
The best piece of advice I was ever given was to do what you enjoy. With that in mind, if I ever face a choice, I always think to myself ‘will I regret it if I don’t do this?’. If the answer’s yes, I do it. At least I’ll know I tried it. That has gone badly when I tried a chilli pepper, but otherwise it seems to have stood me in fairly good read.

11. Faced with a task you`re not looking forward to (maybe even having to compile 11 questions!)are you a “let`s get it over and done with asap” sort of a person or could you procrastinate for Britain?

I will procrastinate or a while, and then I’ll suddenly have a ‘Get it Sorted’ day and will do a dozen oddjobs I’ve been putting off all in one go. Unfortunately, I can never predict when these days will come about.

So, those are my answers! Now, which blogs do I recommend?

Huge amounts of links and useful information on this blog and I always find something in their blogger’s reviews. Obviously a well cared-for blog and a passion for the writer. Definitely worth popping into your blog feed.

A popular publisher and a popular blog! I always like reading their news on their award-winning apps. Although I don’t have an i-device, so I can’t use them, I’ve seen videos of them and they’re just too cool. That and their idea for audio downloads via QR codes in their books is just genius – it marries up the physical bookshop with the digital age. Always something new to consider in their blog posts.
One of my fav’s, and very nice chap to boot from when I’ve been brave enough to chat on Twitter! He’s already lengthened my reading list by a good half dozen books – follow at your peril, lest you end up with towering To Read piles too!

Very well-considered reviews and the only blog I’ve come across so far that caters solely for books for boys. Author interviews, what’s-coming-up’s – this blog has it all.
For the picturebook lover, this blog is just charming! Follow the sniffer as he toot toots and pip pips his way round new picturebooks. A joy to read, even if picturebooks aren’t your fav.
Interestingly, this has reviews of books for both kids books and adult books – it’s the blog for all the family! They also specifically review self-published titles, which I haven’t seen before either. Really professional looking blog and very interesting too.
A blog about books, written by the kids who read them! Just brilliant to see kids getting stuck into a book and reviewing for others, and the things they come out with…. There’s a couple of books on there which I’ve already read, and I found myself going ‘Oh yeah…’ when I read their review as they made me reconsider what I’d read. Add it to your feed now!

So there we have it, questions answered and some of my favourite blogs. Doubtless I’ve missed some out and for that I apologise, but I hope you enjoy these few as much as I do. Thank you once again to Walks Quite Fastfor nominating me for a Liebster!





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