52 Puffins! Sidekicks Galore!

Just spotted this over on the Puffin blog! 52 Puffins is basically a celebration of the sidekicks of the children’s fiction and readers can nominate their favourites, complete with pictures!

Today’s favourite supporting chappy is Tabby, ‘The Worst Witch’ Mildred Hubble’s cat. This poor puss cat is, like his owner, not the best suited to witchdom. He’s a tabby for a start, rather than a pure black cat, and he’s rather scared of heights, which is not ideal when riding your owner’s broom, part of the job for any witch’s cat. Still, he is the perfect companion for hapless Mildred and definately deserving of a little fame!

I remember reading The Worst Witch series by Jill Murphy when I was little and this was a neat, happy little reminder of how much fun I had with those books. I shall have to revisit them at some point. Wonder how many more blasts from the past there’ll be as the puffins all get played out to 52?

Pop over to the Puffin blog now to see who else has been nominated, or maybe even nominate your favourite sidekick too!


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