Archie by Domenica More Gorden


Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books
ISBN: 9781408828625
Published: 24/5/2012

Archie lives a fairly quite existence with his pet pooch until one day his aunt sends him a sewing machine as a present. After a little bit though, Archie sets to and makes his dog a little coat to keep him warm while out and about. Soon though, the coat is getting so many admiring looks that Archie is being given commissions. Soon every dogwalker in town has kitted out their pooches in Archie’s coats. Then the lady pug dog asks Archie, if he wouldn’t mind making her a suit to match her pet’s jacket? Before you know it, he’s taking commissions again, this time for all the dogs’ owners! And then a very queenly corgi drops in, and is that a crown on her head…?

With no words this is a story that relies entirely on its illustrations and they do not disappoint. There’s huge expression in the simple watercolour pictures outlined in ink and they’re all utterly charming (I love the Pug Lady’s outfit!). It’s a little bit odd that all the people in the town are dogs, and their pets are all just smaller dogs, but heh, you roll with it! Obviously the Corgi is our own Queen, wanting Archie to create some marvels for her party.

A picturebook perhaps more for private storytelling than group thanks to the lack of words, but still utterly charming and beautifully executed.

Find Archie and his pet pooch here and a nifty You Tube video here


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