A proper superheroine awaits!

Found this this evening via a Guardian tweet – it’s the launch of a new superheroine whose superhero power is… get this…. being smart.

I dip into graphic novels, my favourite superhero series currently being classic Excalibur, but I have to say – not exactly inspiring for your average female reader. I’m not just talking about Excalibur here, but superheroines in general. As this article points out, a lot of superheroines have impossible figures, ridiculous stilettos and are, quite frankly, absolutely nothing like your average female reader. Of the superheroines I can name, I can pick less than 5 of them that I’d say I could take any interest in, the character-type in general being so gender stereotyped that it’s completely alien to me.

So, Will Brooker has started a new online comic featuring Cat, a smart superheroine (without the requisite spandex costume and the five inch heels).

The comic’s only just started but already it looks promising. So far, I’d say it’s in the teen range, although since it’s only just begun it might be worth doublechecking later on. I already love Cat though and the first page is firmly bookmarked.


What do you think?

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