100 Ways For Every Girl to Look & Feel Fantastic by Alice Hart-Davis and Beth Hindhaugh

This is one of those books that I wish I had had when I was about ten years younger than I am now. Every time I see this book, I can’t resist a peek inside to find out some new fact or advice on something that’s been bugging me for the last decade.

100 Ways for every girl to look and feel fantastic

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781406337549
Published: 6/9/2012

This is such a helpful book for tweenagers, and although it’s about health and beauty and includes a lot of makeup tips etc, I think it’s rather nicely done and certainly one of the best all-rounders out there. It’s essentially a book of all the questions you want to ask as a tweenager, but have no idea where to go (or are too embarrassed) to ask them.

Things like ‘how to remove body hair’

ShavingOr what it’s like to have braces and what kinds there are if you have to have them, those sorts of questions. Alongside these pages are tips on nail designs or hair styles,


what types of foundation there are and the pros and cons of each, and even types of lipstick styles!

Lipstick StylesIt’s very much a factual one, no ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ about it, just the facts and the chance for the reader to make up their own mind. If beauty books now are anything like the teen magazines and beauty tip pages I grew up with, this is a bit of a rarity and really something to be welcomed.

Health and BeautyThe health section is a neat trick. It somehow manages to skirt any possibly dangerous suggestions and siply gives information on vitamins and light stretches and exercises designed to help tone certain problem areas (like the tummy). Nothing too strenuous and always advising caution, the book even goes on to explain how yoga and cardio exercise can help. It’s careful though to make sure that no detailed instructions on these types of exercises are given, and instead tells the reader it’s best to join a club so as to work out safely. I love this aspect of it – it gives the reader the information she needs, without prompting any hurtful activity like overreaching yourself on a yoga stretch (which is probably what I would have done if give half a chance).

The pictures in the book are nice and clear (as you can see) and happily include a wide array of ethnicities and body shapes. No twiglets here, the author is careful to make sure everyone’s represented somehow in the pictures and with the models chosen. Throughout the book, it’s made clear that so long as the reader feels happy with what she’s doing/wearing, that’s all that matters. Nothing about what’s fashionable/unfashionable, no bitchy language or snide tones; this book is such a breath of fresh air.

Holistic approach

A breath of fresh air – the holistic approach to beauty

All in all, this is just a great tweenage book for any girl just starting to care about their appearance. It’s got helpful advice in abundance but more importantly gives the reader the facts, pros and cons to allow the reader to decide on her beauty for herself and make informed choices about things. I know this sort of book is not what every parent would want their daughter to read, but honestly I think this book has such a helpful, holistic nature to it that it should soothe a lot of parents fears as their daughter starts to grow up. Just love this book.

Find it here


  • I’m really glad you shared this book in the Kid Lit Blog Hop. My daughter just turned 10 and I’m noticing how she is getting much more concerned about the way she looks, the clothes she wears, and so on. I think she would spend hours pouring over this book. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • I’ve even spotted a haircut I really like in there. I genuinely do wish I’d had this when I was younger (although of course always take a peek through first if necessary, but it lokked harmless, sensible and empowering to me).

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