Behind the Scenes in Publishing – Usborne Product Safety

Ever come across the That’s Not My… series in Baby Books? Touchy feely wonderment is what those books are, with a touchy-feely book for any baby no matter what animal, machine, or mythical being they’ve currently fascinated with. My current favourite is That’s Not My Dragon – how can you not love this, he’s all (occasionally) fuzzy!

That's not my dragon

Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781409525486
Published: 1/5/2011

And now, if you are of a curious mind like me (and get excited about board book construction), you can find out how these books make it from idea to crackly-fuzzy-furry goodness. Usborne have been kind enough to produce a post by their Product Safety Technologist Elosie Boon which tells you exactly how rigourously these books are tested before they’re read, chucked, trodden on, eaten and occasionally torn apart by their young readers. Very curious and utterly reassuring!

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