Notes from an author…

This is me officially following advice. A very favourite author of mine, a Mr Barry Hutchison, inventor of such happy fancies as The 13th Horseman (reviewed here) and the Invisible Fiends series, has drawn up a list of ways you, the reader, can help an author.

Now, I know that I do several of the things on Mr Hutchison’s list – *looks about* got a blog, reviewed on said blog, made a nuisance of myself on Twitter etc – but I still reckon I could probably do more. I worry sometimes that I sound like a billboard or an advertising agency, but what Mr Hutchison says is true – if you like an author, you should let everyone know. It’s a win-win situation. If everyone else knows about them, it means the author might sell/lend out more books, which means it becomes more financially viable for their publisher to publish more books, which means you (the reader) gets more from your favourite author to enjoy. True, behaving like your favourite author’s PR man may not do your author any favours, but how many books have you read or been tempted to pick up because your mate said they really loved them? I know there’s a fair number on my shelves, some of them just from people I’ve met on Twitter (Thank you Book Zone! ).

Funny how it takes someone spelling it out to me for me to finally get the idea.

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting point to make, so here it is!


What do you think?

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