Doodle Bites by Polly Dunbar

Mmmmm…. bitey bitey!

Doodle Bites

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781406340464
Published: 6/9/2012

One day Doodle wakes up feeling bitey, and after taking a few chomps out of the cereal boxes and the sofa, she makes the mistake of eyeing up Tumpty’s bottom. Tumpty is understandably not impressed, and evens the score by bringing all his elephantine weight on Doodle’s tail. With everyone in tears, it’s up to Pru and Tilly to make everyone smile again, and with liberal quantities of bandages and plasters they do just that. Soon everyone is happy again, but Doodle still feels a little bit bitey…. until Pru uses a bandage to ‘persuade’ her otherwise!


A brilliant little story, and not just for the giggles involved with seeing small bunnies happily dancing about covered in stripy plasters!

The book itself is very tidy – not too busy and very simple, which can only be a good thing when the pictures are as funny and sweet as this;


It’s got an especially nice message too. I semi-regularly get requests from parents for books that can help to teach their children why they shouldn’t do things like biting and this is a lovely example of what I’d usually recommend. It’s explained (and shown, via a very unhappy elephant and a striking change in page colour) why you shouldn’t bite (if nothing else, because the person bitten might do something mean back to you!) and how two wrongs don’t make a right. It is a quite a short little read, so aside from it’s moral, I’d say it’s probably best for the 2-3 year old mark.

All in all, just a lovely little story, with the added benefit that if you happen to know someone small who feels a little bit bitey, this book can go a long way to explain why no, biting is not a good thing and why others don’t like it.

Find it here

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