Miki and the Moon Blossom by Stephen Mackey

Miki and the Moon Blossom

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books
ISBN: 9780340950678
Published: 6/10/2011

One day Miki, Polar Bear and Penguin are doing the washing. It’s a bit windy though so Polar Bear uses a n enormous dandelion seed to act as a pole for the line. That night, the seed grows into a plant and the igloo and Miki are carried along right to the top of the plant. Worried for their friend, Polar Bear and Penguin climb to the top of the plant, only to find that Miki has been rescued by some bug freinds who are all taking flight on a leaf as the wind threatens to blow the plants away. Everyone gets into a giant leaf boat just in time for the wind to blow all the plants about, and Miki, Polar, Penguin and the bugs all land safely on the ground below. The whole plant’s collapsed but as Miki and her friends are set down they can see a whole field of new flowers has sprung up from all the seeds that were blown away.

I’ve picked this one out this time not just because it is gorgeous (check out the lovely soft illustrations Mackey has made)024 but also because when I trained as a teacher a while ago, this would have been one of those handy dandy books you can use alongside your teaching to introduce a new topic. In this case, Miki’s Moon Blossoms would have been a great way to introduce the life cycle of a plant to very young children. I remember teaching a Year 1 class and we were watching and recording the growth of beans as part of their science unit. I wish I’d known about his book then because it would have been a marvellous way to look at growing plants in ways other than by sticking a seed inside a cup filled with cotton wool. It’s especially nice to be able to draw links with things the children might well have done themselves, like blowing a dandelion clock and watching the seeds fall away. If I’d continued teaching I would really have liked to use this and maybe grabbed a few dandelion clocks myself, maybe grabbed a hold of a fan and made ourselves some little leaf or seed boats to float away on the ‘wind’.


It’s a very quiet story, very calm, with plenty of sweet little scenes (I’m particularly fond of the washing baskets by the igloo – two normal sized ones with pictures of Miki or Penguin on the front, and then an enormous one for Polar Bear). A lovely story to settle down to for bedtime. Even better, there’s more stories following Miki and her friends too.

Find Miki and the Moon Blossoms here

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