Atticus Claw Breaks the Law by Jennifer Gray

Introducing the wonderful, the marvellous, the utterly endearing *deep breath*

Atticus Grammaticus Cattypuss Claw!

Atticus Claw

Publisher: Faber Children’s Books
ISBN: 9780571284498
Published: 6/9/2012

Jimmy the Magpie has had enough. The death of his mate Beaky is the last in a long string of magpie-deaths at the hands of humans and their wretched cars and Jimmy has a plan to teach those humans a lesson. He plans to pull off the biggest jewel heist ever attempted in his town of Littleton-on-Sea, and to pull off this big heist he’ll need the very best burglar. A cat burglar to be precise, as a magpie sticks out a little when it’s rootling through your jewellery box whereas a pussycat in the house raises no eyebrows whatsoever. Enter Atticus, the best cat burglar in the world and currently relaxing in Monte Carlo. He’s soon tempted away from the lap of luxury though with Jimmy’s offer of six mouthwatering sardines per bauble, and it’s not long before he’s planted himself in the home of Inspector Chedder of Littleton-on-Sea. But will he ultimately be able to go through with Jimmy’s dastardly deed, or will the greatest cat burlgar in the world turn over a new leaf?

Excellent for a giggle, and perfect for those readers who’ve got past teh early reading stage and are almost ready for the likes of junior school books.¬† Gray’s fille dher book with lots of silly humour, particularly Lord and Lady Toffly who are are so preoccupied with showing off their priceless tiara at the upcoming Toffly Hall antiques fair and making sure Rupert Rich off Get Rich Quick! gets a good eyeful that they don’t notice the magpies that keep lurking around the grounds. The brief funeral at the start of the book for Beaky with Jimmy and his dumb sidekicks Slasher and Thug had me in stitches. The solemness, the overblown dramatics, sobbing fat magpies, the apologes for not getting the numberplate on the Rolls Royce Wot Dun It – all ludicrous!

I could see where the plot was going¬† I have to admit, but then I’m a much more experienced reader than the guys this books is aimed at. The characters were what really made the book stand out. Aside from the ridiculous magpie gang, my favourite was Mr Tucker who is, and I quote, ‘a small man with a long beard and a smelly jumper’ who fights off lobsters with his wooden leg and keeps worms in his trousers (did I mention he’s a fisherman?). His beard melds into one with his jumper, and he’s prone to bellowing and banging his wooden leg to make his point – what’s not to love?!

Excellent fun and happily, part one of a series. Pussycat capers and characters you’ll love – dandy!


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