Zom-B by Darren Shan… and an early birthday present for me!

The other day I was lucky enough to meet Darren Shan at a signing he was doing for his new book in the Zom-B series, Zom-B City.

Since I went a little gaga over the first book Zom-B, I was determined I’d splash out, get my own non-proof copy and get it signed, especially as it’s my birthday (what can I say, some people treat themselves with jewellery or electronics. I buy myself books). Some books are so good you have to own them twice, or at least own an official copy and not just a battered proof – show some appreciation for authors after all.

Not only was Shan very tolerant of my rubbish attempts at small talk (I either babble, or clam up), he was kind enough to do this:


‘I hope you don’t get eaten by zombies on your birthday! Bloodily yours, Darren Shan’

I got a birthday signature! With gory vocab! And a smiley zombie!

Can you say ‘happy bunny’? Because I can 🙂 Thank you Darren Shan for a great treating-myself-birthday present signature, it’s very much appreciated. That’s one book that’s going on the actual bookshelf, as opposed to the book piles on top of them.

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