Edible Books

A few days ago I posted about the marvelous Edible Books competition held over at Playing by the Book blog (see all this year’s tasty entries here) and yesterday, the winners were announced!

Congratulations to Hannah, the Skeet’s (especially William) and Millie – your entries were absolutely cracking and definately a whole lot better than mine, which collapsed at least twice. The best bit though? I’ve got new stories to read, since I want to read the books behind the yumminess – thank you to Playing by the Book and the three winners for that 🙂

And in case anyone wondered what my slightly-falling-over-prone-to-collapsing entry was, it was this:

Rapunzel’s Jelly Bean Tower

Can you tell which fairy story inspired me? I’m especially proud of Rapunzel’s hair made from strawberry laces – well, why not a redhead princess after all? Note to self though – jelly beans do NOT make good replacements for LEGO bricks. They are rather round and don’t stack quite as neatly as LEGOs as I thought they would, so I ended up having to be more liberal with the icing than I originally planned. Still – more to nosh on later I guess and I do have a sweet tooth after all.

I think if there’s one thing I would change it would be the roof, but since I was really running out of time by that point I do think it’s held up rather well (and adults, hold your tongues, I know exactly what the roof accidentally looks like ;P ).

And the obligatory disaster in-the-making-of photos too (again, note the large amounts of icing ‘cement’).


The leaning tower of jelly beans! Note the collapsed remains at the bottom of the plate


Icing city! I’ve found out though that it flakes off rather nicely so hopefully I won’t rot all my teeth when I try to eat this monstrosity in the next few weeks!


Mmmmm…. wonder why there’s always so many green and yellow ones left though? *looks innocent whilst snaffling last few pink jelly beans from packet*

So there you have it – my own attempt at an Edible Book, and the three very worthy winners and their entries – please do go and see them and all the other dozens and dozens of tasty treats over at Playing by the Book (which just so happens to have some truly excellent book reviews and activity ideas on there as well). If nothing else, the stories and cakes there will serve as a fantastic inspiration for your own bookish snacks (and like me, your next read!) or as a great addon activity to any storytimes you’re planning!



  • I LOVED your entry – the effort yo put into it was so clear, and I thought the fairy tale aspect of getting it in as the bells chimed midnight was just perfect too. I know that lots of people on twitter thought your entry was great even if you didn’t make the final 3. Still, thank YOU so much for playing along with such verve and enthusiasm 😀

    • Gosh! I’m going to end up proper bright red! *blush* thanks again for giving me an excuse to eat jelly beans… I mean, deconstruct the walls that collapsed :p

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