How a Book Cover is designed

Found a rather neat little video on the Beeb today giving a rough idea of how a book’s cover comes to be – Cover to Cover: How are book jackets designed?

Now, while it doesn’t go into as much detail as I would like on the actual process (ex-Historian remember – I love details), what Alice Moore says about the thought processes behind a book’s cover was interesting. I mean, when you think of the cover of a book, you just think of the front, right? It’s easy to forget the back and sides of the book are also it’s cover too. I’m sure everyone though knows of at least one book where regardless of the story inside, the book itself is a thing of beauty. From the front cover, to the back, to the spine, and underneath the dustjacket too and even the material the book is made from. Call me a bibliophile, but I’m looking at a book right now where yes, the story appealed to me, but the main reason I bought it was it was too beautiful to ignore and wait for in paperback.

Just struck a chord with me is all, especially as the video goes on to point out that a cover can have a real impact on the readership of the book. Certainly I know there are some books I’ve been put off by the cover and been surprised by the the cover’s content.

How about you? Have you ever found a truly beautiful/truly distracting cover?


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