Living with Vampires by Jeremy Strong

Remember that phase Young Adult had a while ago of Dark Romance? Lots of vampiric, werewolfy bad boys and girls, all swooning for one another. This book…. doesn’t exactly fit into that.

Living with Vampires

Publisher: Barrington Stoke
ISBN: 9781842997963
Published: 23/4/2009

Kevin Vladd is dreading Parent’s Evening. He shouldn’t be; his teacher Mrs Fottle is nice, his parents are nice, everything should be just fine. There’s only one problem in fact: his parents are vampires. Just grade 3, but that’s enough to really make things tricky for Kevin, especially when he’s trying to dance with ‘Heaven on Legs’ Miranda at the school’s Parent-Pupil Disco.

As expected with Jeremy Strong, this is far more of a giggle than dark romance ever was (that and it’s aimed at a completely different age group, but we’ll leave that aside). I especially like the description of the four grades of vampire, from the grade 1’s that look like the vampires in the films and leave dead bodies about very untidily, to the grade 4’s, who just lick people and are considered a joke by vampires grades 1 to 3. It’s all very tongue-in-cheek, and quite giggle-inducing.

The school disco is ample opportunity for embarassment for Kevin – well, would you want to see your parents boogying on down in front of the class bully or, even worse, the girl you consider Heaven on Legs? I did chortle a little at his attempts to get his parents to be less vampire-y, and although the ending at first reading was a bit abrupt, on second reading I think this was just me and it’s sweet justice indeed for Kevin!

All in all, a good short story with more than a few sniggers thrown in. For dyslexic readers, this has a reading age of 7, interest age 8-12.

Find it here


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