Justin Rowe, books as sculpture, and the British Academy Literature Festival

I know this sort of thing has been going around for a while on Pinterest and whatnot, and now there’s a new display of it up in London at the British Academy’s Literature week.

Artist Justin Rowe and his amazing book sculptures – photo sourced from the BBC News website

Cambridge bookseller Justin Rowe has turned old forgotten books in charity shops into these stunning pieces of art. I mean, look at how he’s used the pages to become the waves that little coracle boat is sailing on!

The one below though is the one that really grabbed my attention in the BBC News article though. Something about the tentacles…

Artist Justin Rowe – sourced from BBC News website

I’d love to know how he got that over-typed effect on them, and just look at the sails on the ship! I used to do bits and pieces of pencil shaded work when I was younger and it took ages to get it all right. I’ve no idea if that’s how he created that look on the sails, but you can tell just by looking at it that no matter what method he used, a great deal of effort went into that sculpture.

Definately something to add on to my list of Things To Go And See – I want to see that kraken up close and personal. Find more information about the British Academy Literature Festival here and the original news article on the BBC website here




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