The Great Big Book of Magic Tricks


Great Big Book of Magic Tricks

Publisher: QED Publishing
ISBN: 9781848351226
Published: 10/11/2008

Ba dah!

An incredibly thorough compendium of all sorts of tricks for any budding magician. It has to be said, that I’m not a said budding magician, but at one point I was so I was very interested to see just what this book has to offer above all the other books on magic for kids. And oh dear Lordy, does it have something to offer….


Look! Look at the index! It’s TWO PAGES worth….

Handily all the tricks are grouped by what type of trick they are, so if you fancy brushing up on a few rop tricks, you’re sorted, or if you fancy trying your hand at coin tricks, well there’s a section for that too.

It’s all about ease of use this book. A simple addition but one I’m very fond of as a novice is the ‘top hat and stars’ feature in the top right hand corner of each trick’s page telling you just how difficult the trick will be. This is after you’re read the section at the front which tells you exactly how to use the book.


What’ll please parents everywhere too is that you don’t always need loads of equipment to perform these tricks. Forexample, there’s one trick in there that requires only a rubber band. Another just asks for a bottle and coin. Yet another only needs a banana, a needle and some cotton thread. So, nothing too hard to source and nothing that’ll cost the moon either.

It’s not all just tricks though. As inspiration, the book also includes neat potted histories and explanations of famous magicians in it’s pages, from classic to modern. It also includes different types of magician, from endurance magicians such as Crisis Angel…


Erm… ouch?

or the famously explanatory Penn and Teller, unique in that they give away their secrets wheras for the majority of magicians that’s a big no-no. Of course, there’s also mention of the most famous magician of them all, Harry Houdini, as well. Well, it couldn’t rightly be called a book on magic if it didn’t include him, really, could it?

The layout of the book has been carefully thought through too, right down to having it spiral bound to make it easier to keep the book open as you practice wand-waving and sleight of hand. Naturally, the instructions are clear too. In fact they’re so clear, I used the rubber band instructions here…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAto try out my own sleight of hand skills in this video.

Hmm… I think a little more work is needed on my sleight of hand.

Find the book here


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