The Book of Impossible Objects

Something so cool it will send your eyes funny. And speaking of eyes, check out these babies!

Book of Impossible Objects

Publisher: Klutz Press Inc
ISBN: 9780545496476
Published: 4/4/2013

And just in case you were wondering, yes they do follow you round the room…


Inside the slightly spooky cover you’ll find a chunky pouch hiding (and storing) all the gadgets and gizmos and bits of card the book includes for you to properly explore the wrold of illusions and mind-bogglery. I’m particularly impressed by the balancing acrobats templates and the wobblestone.


Satisfyingly titled pouch of ‘Weird Stuff’


And here’s where it explains how you use my favourites, the Balancing Acrobats!

There’s a lot stuffed into this book too, which is especially impressive when you consider it’s thick size is mostly made up of that pouch. It was nice to see a whole range of illusions included too, especially the ones that play with perspective. You know, how a picture can change entirely dpending on what angle you take it at…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt goes without saying, that it’s also nice when activities like these don’t cost anything to pull off or create an absolute mess in the process. Similar to this are the mirror tricks it demonstrates on another page, complete with the hinged mirrors included in the pouch.

Not content to just tell you about the illusions though, the books also explains them which I find a nice touch. After all, if you’re going to be fooled, you want to know why you were fooled, right? Even better for me, it explains things nice and informally too and even takes the time to explain technical terms like inertia and Mobius strip too, rather than just assuming the reader’ll know what they’re on about.


See? Nice and simple, nothing overly complicated and fussy.

In fact, the one downside I could find to this entertaining book is that it does feature a Dollar trick, which considering this is published in the UK is a tad awkward, what with Lloyds not being too keen on handing out US notes and all.

It’s probabaly best aimed at the 7-10 year old range, as I’d say any older and it will start to seem a little ‘uncool’ and it is rather simply written. Still, definately worth a look and guaranteed to amuse: I covet this book a lot.

Find it here


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