More Cover Design insights, this time courtesy of the Talk About Random Random House blog

This time from the lovely people over at Random House publishers, or more specifically, Laura in their Design department. She’s a photographer and in the blog post shows off some rather interesting mixes of the photographs she took that ultimately got used to create the new UK edition covers for The Flappers series of books by Jillian Larkin. As you can guess by the title, they are set in the aptly named Roaring Twenties (which is receiving more attention than usual at the moment with the release of the new Great Gatsby film), famous for short dresses, finges, heavy makeup, jazz and prohibition – oh my!

Now I have to say, I do prefer the US covers myself (what can I say? They’re all glowy and the one on the end reminds me a great deal of a particular scene in one of my favourite Marx Brothers films – what? I never said I was up to the minute…) but it’s still fascinating to see how a whole bunch of pictures will be taken just for the one cover, and how that one photo will be manipulated and tweaked and altered to get just the right look.

Cool stuff!


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