More Bookcraft

I’ve actually seen this chappy before and I do believe I’ve got his webpage bookmarked somwhere on Delicious (beware all ye who enter there). The Huffington Post however has rather neatly shown off exactly what it is that Carl Pappenheim does – he takes the whole text of a book and uses it to create a silhouette picture. This does of course give you some rather nifty results and I have been tempted to go about purchasing prints/posters of his work. Just take a look at what he’s done with Roald Dahl’s fabulous James and the Giant Peach:

Picture sourced from Huffington Post article

Very striking I think you’ll agree, and a rather neat idea for using the text from books. Yet another item to add to the ‘To Buy’ wishlist….

Click the picture or click here to be taken to the Huffington Post’s original article.


What do you think?

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