Hairy Maclary website

New from everyone’s favourite scrappy little ball of black fur and spindly legs – the Hairy Maclary website is up!

So far it has links to the stories (not in full of course, just snippets to whet your appetite), meeting the characters, party and info downloads and news and events. I found it especially interesting reading the interview with author Lynley Dodd at the bottom (especially as she mentions one of my all-time favouirte picturebooks My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes). The Party info section has some pretty nifty free downloads in it (although I’m not sure just how practical the goody bag downloads are – not entirely sure the bags will work) including activities, colouring in and bunting to print, cut out and put together – beleive me when I say if I ever get the chance to help out in a kids library, I will be remembering that bunting.

Anyway, looks like a nifty little website to keep in mind for any birthday parties coming up for little ones (or for any budding librarians looking to decorate their picturebook section)!


What do you think?

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