Summer Reading Challenge

School broken up? Already running out of ideas to keep the little darlings occupied and not baying for entertainment? Fear not Frustrated Guardian or Parent, libraries have got it sussed with the Summer Reading Challenge!

Picture sourced from the Summer Reading Challenge website – see link below

The idea is that children aged 4-11 keep their reading skills going over the long, hot summer by reading six books borrowed from the library. They can be any type of book you like, from fact books to funny books, joke books to chapter books, but they should be in keeping with this year’s theme, Creepy House.

To find links to the various resources available for adults, go here. However, the Challenge also has a section of the web just for kids themselves. Not only does it have a handy Book Sorter (not neccessarily to do with the theme for the Challenge, but very handy if you just want to read something new that’s in the genre you like), but it also has a competition going! Polish off one of the short stories started by one of three authors and you could be in for a chance at winning a laptop or £100 worth of books. I wish I was a kid again because that is a mighty prize indeed, especially as you can pick either Liz Pichon (of Tom Gates fame), Chris Riddell ( Ottoline’s creator. One day I will own a print of his, one day…) or Charlie Higson’s (who’s brought the Young James Bond to life, as well as a few zombies) stories to finish.

If you need to keep your 4-11 year olds entertained this Summer (or just want to keep them in the habit of reading when not under the eyes of a teacher) most definately take a peek at the Summer Reading Challenge. It even comes with the added benefit that your kids will learn how to use a library (if they don’t already), which is a skill that too often gets forgotten and is an important one to learn I think.

Happy Reading and good luck!


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