The First Third Wish by Ian Beck

A gorgeous silhouette cover for a pretty little read!

Publisher: Barrington Stoke
ISBN: 9781781122457
Published: 15/9/2013
RA 6, IA 5-8

Poor Fairy Cobweb! She’s out delivering wishes to a poor woodcutter when she somehow manages to lose the third wish along the way. She desperately needs to find it otherwise who knows what could happen! What she doesn’t know though is that a young man out to seek his fortune has found it, and a young man out and about on his travels can think of a very great many things to wish for indeed!

Altogether this has a definate fairy tale vibe to it, what with the woodcutter and the princess and even the young man’s name, Dickon. I almost expected a pusscat in boots to pop up! The illustrations also reminded me of some of the ones I had in a favourite fairy tale set I used to have by Jan Pienkowski:

Publisher: Random House Childrens Books
ISBN: 9780679822707
Published: August 1992

Very pretty, don’t you think? Ian Beck’s little book reminds me a very great deal of it, which is certainly no bad thing! I love the silhouette figures inside too. Well, why use colour when you don’t need to after all?!

The best bit though is that the princess in the story is not your average everyday princess. Oh no, this princess doesn’t want to marry any old prince, no indeed. What she wants to do is look up at the stars – I think I’ve found my very first Astronomer Princess!

Altogther a neat little fairy tale with a few more modern flavours and with some very eye-catching illustrations to boot. Of course as a Barrington Stoke book this one if also suitable for dyslexics, expecially those with a reading age (RA) of 6 and an interest age (IA) of about 5-8 years. An ideal little read!

Find The First Third Wish here


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