How Brave is That? by Anne Fine

Publisher: Barrington Stoke
ISBN: 9781781122433
Published: 14/5/2013
RA 7, IA 9

Tom’s not neccessarily the most academic of lads but he’s certainly one of the bravest. All he wants is to be a soldier and join the Army, but to do that he must be truthful and brave, which isn’t easy when your three baby sisters have a habit of  eating your school uniform!

I loved Tom and I loved his terribly mischieveous triplet baby sisters! Poor Tom has to prove how brave he is each time they do something to mess up his uniform, like the time when one of them hid one of his school shoes so he had to come in in ratty old trainers (and get told off for it). Or the time another upset the baby bath over his only clean pair of school trousers so he had to come in his fancy dress trousers. Note to self: clown trousers with zigzags and spots do not go down well with uniform-obsessed teachers!

Very funny and easy to root for Tom against the strict Mrs Bell, especially as he works so hard at school even though it’s difficult for him just so he can join the Army. Well worth a look!

There’s an extra bonus in that this is, of course, a Barrington Stoke title so for dyslexic or struggling readers, this has a reading age of 7, interest age of 9.

Find How Brave is That? here.


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