Nosy Crow, Me Books and Reinventing Interactive Picturebooks

I was doing my usual persual of the various blogs I follow when I came across this post by wonder publishers Nosy Crow. For those who haven’t come across them before, they’re a favourite of mine simply because they really get stuck in to the expanding role that technology has to do with children’s books. They’ve developed and won awards with their own storybook apps and invite more discussion about how technology can improve children’s reading experiences.

In this blog post though, their guest reviewer Sally Poyton highlights another Apple app that allows the user to buy picturebooks from the app’s store and have them be read aloud to them from their Apple device. The company’s name is Me Books and from what I can see from their website (alas, I have no i-device to try them out on!), they look pretty good! Mostly picturebooks for the moment but still, a lovely idea. I especially like the app’s ability for you to record your own reading of the book as well as the pre-recorded ones supplied. I’m juuuust about old enough to remember when you could buy books (I had a Rescue Rangers one, if I remember right) that had a separate tape that would helpfully ping! whenever you needed to turn the page. They were a great idea then and I think new developments like Me Books and Nosy Crow’s own Stories Aloud initiative are simply a more technologically-updated version of them. Well, why waste a good idea when you can update it?

Find the Me Books website here


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