Confessions of a Murder Suspect by James Patterson

You know, the more I read of James Patterson, the more I realise just why he’s so popular with adults. That, and I can’t help but marvel at a man who seems to write a book a month.

Publisher: Arrow (Young)
ISBN: 9780099567356
Published: 12/9/2013

Tandy wakes one night in the Angel family luxury apartment to discover that her parents dead, murdered in their own bedroom. The door was locked, the windows shut tight. Even the old servants entrance was closed up. The only possible suspects are the people who were in the flat to start – Tandy and her brothers. Tandy resolves to solve the crime, but could you spy on your family if you thought one of them was a murderer?

I say how much I love books on this blog far too often I think. It must get very tiring to read – I loved this, I loved that’. So let me break the chain a second and say this was not a book I loved, per se. It was, however, one I found very difficult to put down.

I think it intrigued more than anything else. The book beguiles you with very short, snappy chapters that have just enough plot development in them to drive you on to the next. At times they even felt like little mini cliffhangers, or like the moment at the top of the rollercoaster just before you go hurtling down, when the plot takes yet another twist or another layer gets added to the puzzle of the Angel parents’ deaths. It’s a book I’ll be readily recommeding to reluctant or disengaged readers since the chapter lengths and the overall don’t-stop-something-new-just-happened tone of it means it’s very easy to fall into the book and not come out again until you’ve realised a fair bit more time has gone by than you intended.

Layers is what the story is all about though. The Angel family is odd to say the least. Almost every one of of the five Angel children has been considered a sociopath at some point and it’s only as Tandy’s investigation deepens and she really starts to probe into both herself and her brothers’ motives and alibis that she starts to lift away some of the layers for us to see in full. Characters that seemed at the start to be cut and dried emotional oddities soon opened up and in doing so you end up seeing the murdered Angel parents Malcom and Maud in a whole variety of lights as well.

Without trying to give it away, the ending came as a surprise. It’s one of those endings that works, but you almost wish it hadn’t worked quite that way. It’s really difficult to explain without giving away the whole book but suffice to say, I’d grown interested enough by the end of the book in all of the characters that I almost wish for a different ending for them.

According to this is the first in a new series from this most prolific of writers and I for one am glad of it. Tandy’s murder mystery didn’t get nearly as resolved for me as I would have liked and I’m glad of another chance to meet up with her and her singular mind and family again.

Find Confessions of a Murder Suspect here.


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