World Book Day Costume Ideas and Activities

In case anyone’s interested (and judging by the way my stats EXPLODED over the weekend on my recounts of what I put together for last year’s WBD, I’d say people are), I’ve got a little board of World Book Day costume ideas over on Pinterest. It’s very much a work in progress, but if anyone’s stuck it might give an idea. I’ve tried to include some Roald Dahl specific ones in there too, since I know some of the schools near me are limiting costumes to his characters this year. If in doubt, I find it’s always helpful to go to your locla library or bookshop and just look at the shelves. Far easier to find inspiration when the books are right there in front of you to prompt you.

The World Book Day website also has some truly lifesaving resources for teachers and parents too. Here are the Primary School ideas, Secondary and even Nursery. So if WBD has snuck up on you and surprised you with a ninja move, no panic – resources are available for last minute bookishness! There’s also some rather cool looking competitions over there too which I wish I was back in single digits for so I could enter. Oksa Pollock looks particularly tempting I must say, especially a whole class reader set!

Oh, and if you’re interested in what I did last year, here’s the Infants ideas and the Juniors.

Have fun this World Book Week and I’ll see you on the other side!


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