The Haunting of Uncle Ron by Anne Fine

I’ve got to admit to having mixed feelings on this one…

Publisher: Barrington Stoke ISBN: 9781781122853 Published: 4/2/2014 RA 7 IA 8-12

Ian dreads Uncle Ron coming to visit – his uncle means well but he never seems to want to leave! He eats them all out of house and home and worst of all, he spends a lot of his time talking to ghosts! It sounds cooler than it is, nothing the ghosts say is ever interesting, it’s usually just about what’s got stuck behind the fridge. So, Ian decides to come up with a plan to get rid of his pesky uncle once and for all…

I’m not quite sure what to make of this one. On the one hand, I do love Anne Fine and she is a very good writer. It’s a well written read and I genuinely liked Ian’s plan for getting rid of his oblivious, ghost-obsessed uncle. It’s good for a giggle and it’s pretty entertaining. But I also found myself feeling kind of sorry for Uncle Ron too – he just likes to stay with his family after all and it’s not as if he’s being a totally horrible houseguest, just an inconvenient one. Then again, I could be reading this like an adult rather than a kid so it’s quite possible I’m not enjoying this as much as I should be simply because I’m too old for it – which is completely pants I can tell you!

I have to confess, of the two of Anne Fine’s dyslexic-friendly books for Barrington Stoke that I’ve read, I did prefer the other one I reviewed, How Brave is That? Still, like I said Fine is a great writer and I’m perfectly willing to put this one down to me being an (older) and finicky reader!

Find The Haunting of Uncle Ron here.


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