Ninja Death Touch by Chris Bradford

One from one of my favourite authors – Chris Bradford!

Publisher: Barrington Stoke ISBN: 9781781122105 Published: 5/8/2013 RA 8, IA 8-12

When Lord Oda threatens to destroy Taka and Cho’s village and all the ninja that live there, the ninja find themselves having to defend their home against a samurai army that outnumbers them ten to one. Can Taka and Cho survive, or will it take more than their skills and duty to win the day against an impossible foe?

I’ll say it right away – I’m a Chris Bradford fan so yeah, this review will be biased I’m afraid! Having said that though, there’s a reason I like him so much and Ninja Touch is just another notch in his favour!

For starters, the book opens with the fabled Death Touch – I mean come on! How cool an opening is that?! Only in martial arts-based books do you get such awesome and abrupt openings as that! In fact, Bradford’s background in martial arts comes through throughout the story (as it should do) and I love his inclusion of all the real names for the ninja instruments Taka and Cho are learning to wield (and I have to admit the shuko cimbing claws sound way fun).

As always with Bradford, it’s really clear to follow, even down to the (for me) often confusingly-busy battle scenes. I never have trouble following the action with Bradford. In fact, it’s so easy that I could even follow the battle tactics the ninja and samurai were using (I especially liked the ‘ohhhh’ lightbulb moment when I finally spotted how a certain innocuous object could be used to a certain great effect). If you’re not sure what I mean, read it and find out for yourself – you’ll know it when you read it!

It is worth mentioning that this is the second book in the ninja series but don’t worry, it can be read quite happily as a stand alone. In fact, it was all over far too quickly – I want the third one now!

Find Ninja: Death Touch here.




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