Little Girls Are Better at Designing Superhero Costumes… oh yeah!

Hee hee, just come across this amazing tumblr Little Girls are Better at Designing Superheroes Than You. The idea is that little girls pose in their own put-together superhero (or villain) costumes and then an artist draws them. Some of them are quite brilliant, my favourite being Dr Chlorine:

Eep. Yikes!

Amongst the online arguments, rabbles and occasional free-for-alls that are the debate about how women are portrayed in graphic novels, I’ve got to say this ranks up there with The Hawkeye Initiative as one of my favourite argument-deflaters for anyone arguing for less costume, more cleavage and argue that ‘it’s not really sexual, just cool’ 🙂 These little girls have got their heads screwed on right – although I’m watching out for Dr Chlorine…


What do you think?

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