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Plans for 2015 so far…


If anyone’s been wondering where that Kids book blogger with the silly name is, well she’s been rather busy. Real Life got a tad on the hectic side before Xmas and it’s only going to get more busy in 2015. However, this is not a bad thing, it is in fact a brilliant thing because it means that I have, at last, started my librarian course!

I’ve been applying for librarian jobs for a good few years now but even though I work in an more-than-applicable field I’ve found that I keep getting turned down, usually the only reason being I’m not a qualified librarian. Well yah boo sucks to those guys, I’m on a course now to get me that all important box ticked off and then look out School Libraries! BooKa Uhu will be out and about and ready to dive in big time! 😀

So, plans for 2015:


So, those are the plans so far! Here’s hoping I get to tackle them!