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Story Time: Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell by Sue Hendra


Publisher: Simon and Schuster ISBN: 9781471120404 Published: 13/3/2014

I love this funny silly story about donuts, fitting in and dubious fashion sense! The illustrations are electricly colourful and almost seem to leap off the page they’re so vibrant, which is exactly what has prompted this story time craft:

Behold! A Silly Shelled Snail!

You will need:

Tip: Always have a Blue Peter-esque craft made before you start. Each time I haven’t had time to get one ready the kids have taken a little longer to figure out exactly what it is they were supposed to do. Explanations only go so far with very little story timers – seeing is doing!

To make your snail, first glue the billyo out of that plate and stick on as many pieces of tissue paper as you can until the top of the plate is covered. Flip your plate over and glue about a third of the back of the plate before pressing on your oblong snail body. Flip it over again and add a smiley face to your snail. The finishing touch is a pair of pipe cleaner antennae sellotaped to the back of your snail’s head.

The kids loved making these – something about the novelty of Pritt stick I think, plus the colours. They really got stuck (sorry) into it, as you can see from the very large quantity of tissue paper scraps on the snappy chappies above! One thing I did find helpful was when the kids turned their plates over to glue on their snail bodies I had alreayd thought to colour in a section of the plate green, so the kids knew where to spread their glue and we didn’t end up with sticky snails. Being able to see where they should be waving their Pritt sticks saved a lot of random extra gluing and didn’t leave my table quite so sticky afterwards!

Happily Marks and Spencer make donuts that look verrrrry similar to Norman’s borrowed shell so for longer story times I’m sure you could incorporate a wee snack-ette into proceedings 🙂

As with several story times I got the inspiration for this one from Pinterest. Find the original idea from Scholastic here, find Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell here and for more story time ideas please feel free to check my Pinterest boards.