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A List of Children’s Characters with Glasses – because I keep getting asked about it and can’t find lists long enough

I’ve always wanted glasses. Everyone who’s cool has glasses and the cool and interesting new frames you can get now can tell you a lot about the person you’re talking to. As a bonus, you instantly also look a whole lot cleverer than you really are (which is a definite win in my case), not to mention that as an

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Is grammar more important than content?

Interesting point raised in this article this morning: 'Illiterate' letter wins campaigning professors an award for bad grammar — Guardian Education (@GuardianEdu) May 3, 2013   It’s not made in the article though, but rather in the comments. Commenters 5onthe5 and ID3721033 both make the point that language is about communicating effectively and not necessarily precisely. Leaving aside the

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