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Hairy Maclary website

New from everyone’s favourite scrappy little ball of black fur and spindly legs – the Hairy Maclary website is up! So far it has links to the stories (not in full of course, just snippets to whet your appetite), meeting the characters, party and info downloads and news and events. I found it especially interesting reading the interview with author

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Safari: A Photicular Book by Dan Kainen and Carol Kaufmann

This is astonishing not neccessarily because of the content, but because of how the books is put together. Intrigued? Take a look at the video… Publisher: Workman Publishing ISBN: 9780761163800 Published: 19/9/2012 Lovely, no? And quite spectacular. I mean, I remember having little lenticular bookmarks when I was a kid or, perhaps if the boat had really been pushed out,

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More Bookcraft

I’ve actually seen this chappy before and I do believe I’ve got his webpage bookmarked somwhere on Delicious (beware all ye who enter there). The Huffington Post however has rather neatly shown off exactly what it is that Carl Pappenheim does – he takes the whole text of a book and uses it to create a silhouette picture. This does

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More Cover Design insights, this time courtesy of the Talk About Random Random House blog

This time from the lovely people over at Random House publishers, or more specifically, Laura in their Design department. She’s a photographer and in the blog post shows off some rather interesting mixes of the photographs she took that ultimately got used to create the new UK edition covers for The Flappers series of books by Jillian Larkin. As you

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David Walliams on Soundcloud!

Excitement! Over on audio host Soundcloud, Harper Collins have uploaded an interview with David Walliams discussing his latest book Ratburger, along with suspect ingredients, scaring children, the Queen’s slippers and recurring Raj. As an added bonus, you get to hear Walliams himself reading small sections aloud from his own book, Ratburger. One thing I have to mention that I especially

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