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Bizzy Bear Fire Rescue! by Benji Davies

A new video review! And yes, I will be looking to improve video quality – obviously my phone isn’t quite up to snuff when faced with anything more complex than perfect lighting. Also, TRIPOD. If anyone can recommend a good within-bank-balance digital camera, or some camera-hunting tips, I’d be very grateful. Publisher: Nosy Crow Books ISBN: 9780857631336 Published: 10/1/2013 Lovely

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ABC by Matthew Van Fleet

A baby book review today – every time I see this I just have to open it up, it’s irresistable! And that little outburst probably goes a long way to explaining why I write a Kid’s Books book blog, methinks… On with the review! Pubisher: Simon and Schuster Children’s Books ISBN: 9781847383730 Published: 1/9/2008 Find it here. Happily, he has

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