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The Spin by Rebecca Lisle

Possibly one of the coolest covers about at the mo, which I know should have no bearing on the story but I’m still going to ooh and aah over it 🙂 Stormy is an orphan, and as such he can look forward to a career spent scrubbing away in the kitchens of the academy for Spitfyre training, dreaming of the

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The Demon Collector by Jon Mayhew

Continuing the spooky theme, my second book this week is by a new fav author of mine, Jon Mayhew. If you like horror, but can’t always get it past your parents, this is a guy to look out for. Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Company ISBN: 9781408803950 Published: 5/1/2012 Edgy Taylor can see demons and after an accident (during which his disgusting

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Itch by Simon Mayo

As an apology for my tardiness with reviews lately (I blame Real Life), have a review a day early 🙂 Itch has an unusual hobby – while other kids collect football cards, Itch prefers to collect elements. Specifically, elements from the Periodic Table of Elements, which shows all the building blocks of the universe grouped by similarities. Basically, if it

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