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Goddess by Laura Powell

In a world where England never converted fully to Christianity and instead took on the worship of the Greek gods and godesses, Aura is about to become a high priestess for the cult of Artemis. Separated and sheltered from society, the world she lives in revolves entirely around the goddess. When Aura starts to have visions though, the worlds of

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Monkey Wars by Richard Kurti

This book looks at the politics and psychology behind power, only through the eyes of the various monkeys that live in the city of Calcutta. A brutal massacre drives the Rhesus monkeys out of their peaceful graveyard home and onto the dangerously territorial streets of the city. Meanwhile, the triumphant Langur monkeys celebrate driving out the monstrous Rhesus’ and the

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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I have a confession to make. Perhaps not a surprising one considering I confessed to being a big geek when I read Geek Girl, but a confession nonetheless. Here goes… I read fanfiction. There! I said it! I like fanfiction! I obviously know nothing about writing, reading, and generally anything to do with the written word as I. Like. Fanfiction!

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Forever by Judy Blume

This was always going to be a controversial and more-carefully-worded-than-usual review, and I’ve never had to consider writing a warning for commenters before. Wish me luck! After a New Year’s Party, teenager Kath finds the boy of her dreams in Michael. They get together, and the more she sees of him the more she becomes attracted to him. He’s smart, he’s

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