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David Walliams on Soundcloud!

Excitement! Over on audio host Soundcloud, Harper Collins have uploaded an interview with David Walliams discussing his latest book Ratburger, along with suspect ingredients, scaring children, the Queen’s slippers and recurring Raj. As an added bonus, you get to hear Walliams himself reading small sections aloud from his own book, Ratburger. One thing I have to mention that I especially

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A Home for Mr Tipps by Tom Percival

Gorgeous illustrations and a pussy cat that’s a bit of a scaredycat – meet Mr Tipps! Publisher: Harper Collins Childrens Books ISBN: 9780007345618 Published: 4/8/2011 Mr Tipps is a pussy cat. Well I say pussycat, I should probably say fraidy-cat. He’s scared of absolutely EVERYTHING, including his own shadow! With a  bit of help though from some milk each day

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