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Bizzy Bear Fire Rescue! by Benji Davies

A new video review! And yes, I will be looking to improve video quality – obviously my phone isn’t quite up to snuff when faced with anything more complex than perfect lighting. Also, TRIPOD. If anyone can recommend a good within-bank-balance digital camera, or some camera-hunting tips, I’d be very grateful. Publisher: Nosy Crow Books ISBN: 9780857631336 Published: 10/1/2013 Lovely

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Cool Jewels – Designing the Cover for Dear Scarlett by Fleur Hitchcock

Found this while browsing the Interwebs today – it’s a guest post on Nosy Crow publisher’s blog by their author Fleur Hitchcock. It talks about all the different stages of her book gaining it’s own cover, all without the author and the artist ever actually meeting. Fascinating stuff, especially the bit about whether the pink cover suited the ‘not pink’

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The Rescue Princesses: The Secret Promise by Paula Harrison

For 5-8 readers, notably little girls, I have this, The Ultimate Girly Read! So girly it’s even in pink, but… this is not just any girly-girly-princessey series. This one had something different enough about it that it even managed to interest definitely not-girly BooKa Uhu. Read on… Publisher: Nosy Crow, image used with their kind permission ISBN: 9780857630971 Published: 5/4/2012

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