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Dead Ends by Erin Lange

A new favourite YA author of mine who I really think should be getting just as much attention as the John Green’s and Rainbow Rowell’s of this world. Dane and Billy couldn’t be more different. Dane’s a smart kid but with an attitude problem and a tendancy to hit out when he thinks someone’s looking down on him. Billy’s the

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A Dog Called Homeless by Sarah Lean

Not the sort of book that usually appeals to me, but if I ever get approached by school teachers or parents looking for a make-you-think read I always mention this one. Just brilliant, plus her website includes some rather nifty teaching resource packs. On with the review! Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s Books ISBN: 9780007455034 Published: 26/4/2012 Front cover: Rob van

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POD by Stephen Wallenfels

I’m frankly astonished this one hasn’t been mentioned more often and made more of a fuss of.  I also had no idea until a quick bit of Google-fu five minutes ago that this book has a sequel! Break out the party streamers! So without furthur ado, allow me to introduce you to POD Publisher: Templar Publishing, image above used with

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